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Dumpster Rental Orlando, FL

In the past, Orlando, fl residents have used our spacious and clean roll off containers for remodeling work, throwing away unwanted items from their basement, garage and attic, as well as dispose of old furniture and appliances. At Junk Monkey Dumpster, we aren’t picky about what goes in our dumpsters (as long as it isn’t food scraps or tires!) so you can rest assured that anything you need hauled away will be accepted.

Why Choose Dumpster Rental Monkey in Orlando

We understand that some residents in the Orlando, fl area are located on busy streets or crowded neighborhoods with not much lawn space. Junk Monkey Dumpsters has the industry experience to park the rolloff container in narrow spaces. If there’s no room on your private property to place the rolloff dumpster, then we can help you procure a permit from your town so that we can drop it off on the street in front of your home.

Ready to get your house organized and de-cluttered? Contact Junk Monkey Dumpster to order your rolloff container today!

  • Our truck drivers are bin rental experts. He or she will deliver a purple bin to your home or business. It is an easy-load dumpster for you to fill at the drop off location.
  • We will offload it with care on your property ensuring that we do not damage your driveway, landscaping or other external fixtures.  It will be left as per your instructions (or at driver’s discretion) so that  you and your cleanup crew can load it quickly  and safely.
  • During the rental period you load it up. Please keep in mind the safety of the people that are loading. It is important to distribute the weight or junk of the garbage evenly across the bin. Do not load it on one side or corner. Check to see that there is no debris or garbage sticking out of the bin or hanging over the sides. The bin is equipped with swing doors so you can walk heavier junk into the container.
  • Load almost any garbage, junk or unwanted material you want. However there are a few exceptions. You can review our website for a complete list of banned items. Toxic and environmentally hazardous garbage is not permitted. We can also provide you with which materials are restricted when you call us. It is extremely important that you follow the guidelines we provide to keep the everything smooth and uncomplicated during the bin rental period.
  • Once your bin is ready to be picked up we will arrive won the scheduled day with a truck. The Junk Monkey Dumpsters staff driver will put the bin on the truck and will take it all away.
  • We transport the bin to a transfer station where it is weighed and a ticket is obtained. That is your final weight.
  • Then at the end of the process because you are delighted by the service, low cost and simplicity of the project you become a return customer.
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1. Chances are if you have children they have been busy in the yard this summer, so there could be junk that could be discarded. That could be an old above ground swimming pool. Or a rusty swingset. Or perhaps broken bicycles as well as junk you might find in the shed. Identify the large pieces and break them down with a hack saw so they are ready for disposal in a rented dumpster.

2. Check your shed. A lot of gardening materials get pushed into the shed over the summer, so you’ll want to review the contents and chuck away junk that won’t be needed.

3. Your spring cleaning this year may have resulted in a basement full of junk so check out that area and target unwanted items for the dumpster.

4. Stage a junk pile in your yard or garage. Make sure any sharp objects are filled down. Keep children and pets away from it until the day comes when your dumpster is delivered.

5. If you have an attic, you might want to poke around and see what’s there.

6. Old construction materials can be hiding all over the house. Old pieces of lumber. Rolls of old wallpaper. Drywall pieces. Discarded bricks and old bags of cement. All these can go in your dumpster rental.

7. Be sure to give away good junk to your local charity or Goodwill store.  Everything lelse can go into the disposal bin you get from us.

8. Closets and shelves often hide old boxes of useless junk, so got to the areas of your house where you might keep these and ferret them out for the bin.

9.  Yard waste is also ideal for your garbage dumpster. If you have piled garden waste somewhere, it can be loaded into your rented bin this fall.

10. Finally check the trunk of your car. It’s surprising what shows up there and never gets taken out. If it’s been there for a while and there’s no place for it at home and it has no value then target it for the dumpster.

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