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As a business owner or manager, you might find yourself asking on occasion, “How am I going to get rid of all this stuff?” After all, some clutters just can’t be contained by your average office trash can. In the event that your business has more junk than it can handle, you’re in luck, roll away dumpsters have been growing in popularity, and they’re not just for residential uses. Dumpsters have a range of commercial uses as well. Here are the top three commercial uses for dumpsters.

Getting Rid Of That Old Office Furniture

We know you’re not seriously going to throw all that perfectly good office furniture into the junkyard, but why not take them to goodwill in style, or convenience, rather. Simply stack your old chairs and desks neatly into the dumpster and let the tax deduction do the heavy lifting.

Those Big Deliveries

Now that you’ve gotten rid of that old junk, and your brand new office furniture has arrived, the fun isn’t quite over. You’ve still got your packaging to deal with. In all seriousness, any big delivery you receive will likely come with a minor trash emergency. Fear not. There are dumpster options for you.

Any Kind Of Construction

If you own or manage a construction company. It could be that you don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own dumpster fleet. Perhaps you have one too many job sites operating at the same time. Whatever the case, you’re bound to end up with way too much scrap on your hands. Call for a dumpster and you need no more than toss your scrap into it, and your dumpster service will take care of everything else.

Business can be messy, and when the mess gets out of hand, a roll away dumpster is a mere phone call away.

How to Choose Between Buying a Dumpster Bag or Renting a Dumpster

So, you’re planning a remodel. You’ve got the design nailed down and it’s time to start demolition, but what are you going to do with all of that debris?

When you have too much junk for the curb or your normal collection can’t handle certain items, it’s time to choose between two other popular waste removal options: a dumpster bag or a roll off container. We’ve rounded up the pros and cons of each to help you select the best junk removal option.

What’s the Difference Between a Dumpster Bag and a Roll Off Dumpster?

Dumpster Junk Monkey bags are both containers you can use to dispose of a variety of debris. Bags can be purchased from home improvement stores or online retailers, while dumpsters are rented from a waste hauling company.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dumpster Rental or Dumpster Bag

It would be great if deciding on a dumpster or a dumpster bag were as simple as the amount of waste you’re tossing. However, that’s just one factor that you need to consider when making your choice. Other factors such as cost, available space, time and debris weight all need to be considered to help you decide which disposal option is best for your job.

If you’re wondering how to rent a dumpster, it’s as simple as a phone call. Once you’ve found a suitable company with online research, call the company to get a quote. When you call us, we’ll walk you through the project to gauge the amount and type of debris you need to toss and ensure you get the correct container size for your project. Then, we’ll talk through placement of the bin, delivery date and rental length. Once you’re done filling it up, just reach out and we’ll pick up the dumpster.

With a dumpster bag, there are more factors to consider. Particularly, you need to do your research before you buy a disposable dumpster bag. While they are available for purchase at nearly any major home improvement store and can be delivered anywhere via online shopping, that doesn’t mean your local hauling company will collect them.

Monkey Dumpsters Orlando FL

So, your first step should be to ensure that your debris can be collected at your work site.

If collection is available, then you need to determine how many waste removal bags you’ll need, then purchase the bags. Once you have them, fill them up, then reach out to the company to collect them when they can.

In the end, a dumpster rental features a much more refined process with clear delivery and pickup dates and more structure than a dumpster bag.

Placement Area

Junk Monkey dumpster must be placed within 16 yards of the curb for collection. As a result, your placement options are limited, unless you plan on moving the filled debris bag after your project a daunting task if you’ve filled the bag to capacity.

Additionally, disposable dumpster bags cannot be placed on the street, so if you don’t have a tree lawn, you have no choice but to block your driveway until it is collected.

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